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The time to call is prior to signing a contract and making that contract
contingent on the Home Inspection.  By doing this you will have a better
understanding of the property that you are considering.  The written report
that is produced by Platinum Home Inspections allows you to negotiate the
best possible purchase price.

The time to call is prior to listing the property. In doing this you will have a written
report of any deficiencies and time to correct them.  This is very helpful because it
allows you to get fair market value for your property.
The Visual Inspection Service is performed in accordance with
the Standards of Practice as published by The State of Illinois &
The American Society of Home Inspectors (
ASHI) and is
conducted in accordance with these standards.  It is intended to
provide the Client with information regarding the condition of the
systems and components of the home as inspected at the time of
the home inspection.  The specific systems and components of a  
building to be inspected are listed in these Standards of Practice.
You can view these
Standards of Practice on the Inspection Page.

1.        Structural System
2.        Exterior (including garage)
3.        Roof System
4.        Plumbing System
5.        Electrical System
6.        Heating System
7.        Air Conditioning Systems
8.        Interior
9.        Insulation and Ventilation
10.      Fireplaces and Solid  Fuel
        Burning Appliances

The home inspection report and representations made during the
inspection are the property of the client and will not be
disseminated without the clients approval.  You can rest assured
that your information will be kept confidential and never given
out to anyone.  This is our promise !!
Platinum Home Inspections, Inc.